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Your Natural state is not tired, stressed and painful. When the Body, Mind, and Spirit lose their balance, pain invades your muscles and stress overwhelms the mind. One Massage Therapy brings it back together. By detoxifying the Body, the Mind and Spirit can come back into their relaxed, pain-free, energetic natural state.

We are a locally owned Massage Therapy Studio in the Old Shandon area of Columbia South Carolina. We offer Holistic Massage in a relaxing environment. Its not just a fabulous massage, but a mini vacation. We set the tone as you walk into our beautiful foyer with soothing sounds and oxygenating plants. Our waiting area is handsomely appointed with antique furniture and relaxing hot tea. Our massage is a detail oriented-never rushed-multi sensory experience customized to manage pain, banish stress, and get you energized.

We at One Massage Therapy are here to help you regain your balance through results-oriented, customized massage. We are conveniently located in the McCrory Building in the historic Old Shandon neighborhood at the intersection of Millwood Avenue and Woodrow Street in Columbia, South Carolina, moments away from the stressful downtown office, just far enough from the kids, and close to home.

Restore your Life, Because you are worth it!

                                                                            Bring Yourself Back to the One.



                 2632 Millwood Ave, Suite C2    Columbia, South Carolina 29205   803.556.0253              

You are the One.